Where People Live and Move in Deltas


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Safra de Campos, R.
Codjoe, S. N. A.
Adger, W. N.
Mortreux, C.
Hazra, S.
Siddiqui, T.
Das, S.
Atiglo, D. Y.
Bhuiyan, M. R. A.
Rocky, M. H.
Abu, M.


Where People Live and Move in Deltas




Nicholls, R. J.
Adger, W. N.
Hutton, C. W.
Hanson, S. E.

Book Title

Deltas in the Anthropocene


Springer International Publishing


Deltas exemplify trends of great acceleration in the Anthropocene, including the shape of demographic and mobility transitions. The human core of the Anthropocene involves three principal phenomena: Increased human health evident at the population scale; movement of people to urban settlements; and growth in aggregate populations. Based on this research, it is argued that continued evolution is central for successful pathways towards a sustainable Anthropocene. Human settlement, movement and migration as a response to accelerating economic and environmental challenges are considered. There is evidence that environmental change is an important driver of where people live and move within deltas. Consequently, governments have much agency in the allocation of resources towards responses to current and future challenges and will therefore have a strong influence on future sustainability.


Safra de Campos, R.; Codjoe, S. N. A.; Adger, W. N. ;Mortreux, C. ;Hazra, S.; Siddiqui, T.; Das, S.; Atiglo, D. Y.; Bhuiyan, M. R. A.; Rocky, M. H.; Abu, M. (2020). Where People Live and Move in Deltas. In R.J. Nicholls, W.N. Adger, C.W Hutton, S.E Hanson (Eds.), Deltas in the Anthropocene. Cham : Springer International Publishing. URL : https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-23517-8_7.