Review of the social drivers of migration




Collinson, S.


Review of the social drivers of migration




Government Office for Science UK


The overall aims of the Migration and Global Environmental Change project (‘the Project’) are to assess how a broad range of environmental factors could, in interaction with other socioeconomic drivers of change, influence patterns of migration globally until 2060, and to assess the policy implications at the level of national governments and international bodies. This paper is a contribution to Phase 1 of the Project, ‘Understanding what is happening’, which is to draw on the best available evidence to evaluate how environmental factors could influence the patterns of migration globally, until 2060. This includes developing an in-depth understanding of how environmental factors will interact with other drivers of change to affect the migration system globally, assessing future uncertainties in consequential migration flows and identifying the most important challenges and opportunities that could face policy makers in countries and international organisations – and assessing the case for action and policy development now.


Collinson, S. (2011). Review of the social drivers of migration. London : Government Office for Science UK.