Regional Policy Perspectives


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Popp, K.


Regional Policy Perspectives




Piguet, E.
Laczko, F.

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People on the Move in a Changing Climate. The Regional Impact of Environmental Change on Migration


Springer Netherlands


While the preceding chapters analysed the existing evidence of a connection between migration and the environment in eight major regions, the final chapter asks to what extent the migration-environment nexus has entered regional policy debates. The evidence corroborated in this book that environmental migration in large measure takes place internally and between neighbouring countries lends weight to regional approaches to this issue. A shift to the regional level has been a marked feature of migration governance in general, by way of regional consultative processes on migration, regional bodies dedicated to economic and political integration, and other regional institutions. Only a few of these, however, have addressed migration and the environment head-on as part of their regional policy and cooperation frameworks. Some of these developments have remained at the level of informal dialogue, others have translated into regional policy, while yet others may even acquire legal force. This chapter examines four principal “tracks” through which environmental migration has entered regional policymaking and cooperation: the migration track, the climate track, the security track, and the human rights track. It summarizes relevant initiatives and concludes the book by reflecting on the current state of play and potential future pathways of policy and cooperation strategies to confront the impacts of the environment on human mobility at the regional level.


Popp, K. (2014). Regional Policy Perspectives. People on the Move in a Changing Climate. The Regional Impact of Environmental Change on Migration. E. Piguet and F. Laczko, Springer Netherlands: 229-253.