Preparing for resettlement associated with climate change


Journal Article


de Sherbinin, A.
Castro, M.
Gemenne, F.
Cernea, M. M.
Adamo, S.
Fearnside, P. M.
Krieger, G.
Lahmani, S.
Oliver-Smith, A.
Pankhurst, A.
Scudder, T.
Singer, B.
Tan, Y.
Wannier, G.
Boncour, P.
Ehrhart, C.
Hugo, G.
Pandey, B.
Shi, G.


Preparing for resettlement associated with climate change





Vol (No), pp

334(6055), 456-457


Although there is agreement that climate change will result in population displacements and migration, there are differing views on the potential volume of flows, the likely source and destination areas, the relative role of climatic versus other factors in precipitating move- ments, and whether migration represents a failure of adapta- tion (1, 2). We argue that climate change mitigation and adaptation (M&A) actions, which will also result in significant population displacements, have not received sufficient attention. Given the emergence of resettlement as response, it is critical to learn from research on development-forced displacement and reset- tlement (DFDR). We discuss two broad categories of potential displacement in response to (i) climate impacts themselves and (ii) large-scale M&A projects.


De Sherbinin, A., Castro, M., Gemenne, F. & al. (2011). Preparing for resettlement associated with climate change. Science, 334(6055), 456-457. URL :