Migration with dignity for climate justice


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Borras, S.


Migration with dignity for climate justice



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The Common Good and Ecological Integrity: Human Rights and the Support of Life


L. Westra
J. Gray
A. D’Aloia


Taylor & Francis


Proponents of the concept of ecological integrity argue that it is a necessary component of global governance on which the sustainable future of the planet and its inhabitants depends. This book presents the latest research and current thinking on the role of ecological integrity in support of life on Earth and the importance of governance for the common good, or the benefit of all.

The book considers whether present forms of governance support the common good, or whether they are endangering its very foundations. It explores the connection between consumerism and capitalism, the destruction of natural resources and with it, the elimination of many of the ecosystem services that support life in general, and human life in particular. Chapters focus on the defence of human rights, and in particular the rights to key resources such as food, water and general health/wellbeing, as well as energy and security.

Topics covered include climate change, biodiversity, migration and conflict resolution, with approaches from various perspectives such as politics, ethics, sociology and law. Overall the book provides a stimulating insight into the multifaceted debates surrounding ecological integrity, global governance and sustainability.


Borras, S. (2016). Migration with dignity for climate justice. In L. Westra, J. Gray, A. D’Aloia (Eds)The Common Good and Ecological Integrity: Human Rights and the Support of Life.┬áTaylor & Francis.