Migration, environmental change and the challenges of governance


Journal Article


Geddes, A.
Adger, N.
Arnell, N.W.
Black, R.
Thomas, D.


Migration, environmental change and the challenges of governance




Environment and PLanning C: Government and Policy

Vol (No), pp

30, 951-967


This paper provides a framework for the theme issue by exploring links between environmental change and human migration. We review evidence that demonstrates that millions of people have moved or are likely to move towards and not away from environmental risk and hazard by moving from rural areas to rapidly growing urban areas. Moreover, some people may choose not to move or be unable to move. Environmental change may further erode household resources in such a way that migration becomes less and not more likely, even in the context of quite signifi cant environmental change posing serious threats to the sustainability of livelihoods. This creates the possibility that populations will be trapped in areas that expose them to serious risk. We argue that the links between environmental change, migration, and governance are of signifi cant importance, and directly influence the modes and efficacy of migration governance at different levels.


Geddes, A., et al. (2012). “Migration, environmental change and the challenges of governance.” Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 30: 951-967.