Migration and global environmental change


Journal Article


Black, R.
Adger, W. N.
Arnell, N. W.
Dercon, S.
Geddes, A.
Thomas, D.


Migration and global environmental change




Global Environmental Change

Vol (No), pp

21(Supplement 1), 1-2


Migration is an important social, economic and cultural phenomenon that somehow has been overlooked in the field of human dimensions of environmental change. In an inter-connected and mobile world, migration would seem to be an increasingly important response to stress, shock and uncertainty. Indeed, there is a current renewal of interest in both the role of environmental change in migration, and in the policy, legal and governance challenges of the movement of people within and across national borders. This renewed interest goes beyond the concerns that social and natural sciences have previously been somewhat determinist on the role of the environment, or even the climate, in shaping human history (McIntosh et al., 2000; Hulme, 2009).


Black, R., Adger, W. N., Arnell, N. W., Dercon, S., Geddes, A., & Thomas, D. (2011). Migration and global environmental change. Global Environmental Change, 21, Supplement 1(0), 1-2. doi:10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2011.10.005.