Migration and climate change


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Simonelli, A C.


Migration and climate change




Letcher, Trevor M.

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Managing Global Warming


Academic Press


Human migration as a result of climate change has become an increasingly researched topic over the last decade and a contentious one. Descriptive labels, apocalyptic imagery, and overzealous estimates of migrants have often detracted from the real challenges that those who are losing their homes and homelands are facing. The locations deteriorating most rapidly are those who have contributed the least greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and yet have to depend on those who have contributed the most to their plight. Individuals have attempted to fit their predicament into the refugee legal precedent, while states have banded together to fight in the United Nations for a binding resolution to their continued losses. This chapter will provide an overview of the academic debate over migration and displacement including its environmental drivers and misconceptions, the varied regional settings in which these issues are occurring, and the international effort to govern human mobility in this context.


Simonelli, A. C. (2019). Migration and climate change. In T. M. Letcher (Ed.), Managing Global Warming (pp. 695-710). Academic Press. URL : http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780128141045000235