Influence of climatic changes on population migration in Vietnam


Journal Article


Lukyanets, A.S.
Khanh Toan, N.
Ryazantsev, S.V.
Tikunov, V.S.
Hoang Hai, P.


Influence of climatic changes on population migration in Vietnam





Vol (No), pp

3, 191-196


We examine the influence of climatic changes on migration processes in Vietnam, one of the most densely populated countries of the world. The study revealed provinces and districts that are experiencing the strongest climatic changes and determined the consequences for the country from the perspective of its geographical characteristics. Climate change on a global scale will be of differentiated significance for different countries of the world. The nation states situated in the middle part of the mainland may not experience the ongoing processes. On the contrary, for countries with a lathe coastal zone, especially for island countries, the consequences would be disastrous. As a result of climate change, Vietnam has faced with new challenges and threats. The distinctive characteristics of the geographical location, topography of the territory and of the demographic potential dictated a need to revise the existing policy of population distribution on the country’s territory. The recent increasingly frequent negative natural phenomena, caused by climate change, will require, on a mid-term horizon, developing a new concept of Vietnam’s migration policy largely focusing on the population relocation from potentially hazardous places of residence, primarily from coastal areas. If the most unfavorable forecasts come true, the country will have to relocate millions of people. In view of the country’s limited territory, thousands of people would look for a new place of residence in other countries.


Lukyanets, A. S., Khanh Toan, N., Ryazantsev, S. V., Tikunov, V. S., & Hoang Hai, P. (2015). Influence of climatic changes on population migration in Vietnam. GEOGRAPHY AND NATURAL RESOURCES, 3, 191-196.