Handling Climate Displacement




Hassine, K.


Handling Climate Displacement




Cambridge University Press


How do we begin to handle the greatest crisis affecting humanity today? Climate change is already causing droughts, flooding, and famine that are forcing people to leave their livelihoods and communities. In the years to come, millions will find their local areas uninhabitable, as mass displacement of people reaches disastrous levels. Handling Climate Displacement explains how climate change has become recognized as a human rights concern, and how human rights are key to managing the crisis. Local authorities and populations increasingly call for guidance in the absence of an internationally recognized framework. Drafted in 2013 by a committee of experts and practitioners, Hassine uses the Peninsula Principles on Climate Displacement within States to offer concrete solutions to the impending emergency. Enriched by the author’s experience working with the victims of climate displacement, this book offers an effective framework to deal with the challenges presented by mass displacement while protecting human rights.


Hassine, K. (2019). Handling Climate Displacement. Cambridge. UK: Cambridge University Press. URL : https://books.google.ch/books?id=iimhDwAAQBAJ&dq=%22climate+change+refugees%22&lr=&hl=fr&source=gbs_navlinks_s