From climate change to conflict? No consensus yet


Journal Article


Salehyan, I.


From climate change to conflict? No consensus yet




J. Peace Res.

Vol (No), pp

45, 315-326


Many scholars, policymakers, and activists have argued that climate change will lead to resource competition, mass migration, and, ultimately, an increase in armed conflict around the world. This article takes issue with the `deterministic’ view that climate change and resultant resource scarcities will have a direct impact on political violence. Rather, the effect of climate change on armed conflict is contingent on a number of political and social variables, which, if ignored by analysts, can lead to poor predictions about when and where conflict is likely. This article then discusses ways to improve research on the climate change—conflict connection and outlines broad policy suggestions for dealing with this potential problem. Scholars must communicate their findings with the policy community in order to come up with prudent solutions to this problem, while countering unnecessary rhetoric on both sides of the debate.


Salehyan, I. (2008). “From climate change to conflict? No consensus yet.” J. Peace Res. 45: 315-326. URL: